Pacific’s Biggest Flag Set to Fly

Photo Source: Solomon Ports (SIPA)


What could be the biggest flag and the tallest flagpole in the pacific region is set to be officially raised on Monday the 6th of July 2020, which is next week.

To be held at the Domestic Port Entrance, Commonwealth Street, it will also fall in line with the historic commissioning ceremony of the nation’s ‘Unity Square’ monument according to the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA).

The flagpole stands at 50 Meters and weighs approximately 12 tonnes, with the flag measuring 15 meters in length and 7.5 meters in height.

In a previous Solomon Ports (SIPA) statement, this new flagpole site will be called “Unity Square”, where all the provincial flags will also be erected alongside the Solomon Islands flag.

‘The idea is to bring unity and patriotism to the country, whilst also providing a significant landmark for the city of Honiara,” the statement read.