Opposition Leader Hails Girls’ Big Day

    Photo Credit: Art,Craft and Health - YouTube

    LEADER of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale commends Plan International Solomon Islands for making girl’s day an annual event.

    “Solomon Islands is a member of the United Nations and so I am pleased that this very important agenda has been made a calendar event,” said Hon. Wale.

    The Opposition Leader points out that no one will deny the fact that girls and our children, are integral in all our families and communities.

    He stressed that by recognising their importance and putting their day on the calendar, makes their welfare our collective business.

    “The crossovers between the western and our traditional systems can easily make us lose sight of the best interest of our children and girls.

    “Rising statistics in domestic violence and harassment cases against girls is already a cause for concern so it is important that we all take note and work together to accord them their respectful place in our society as equals,” the Opposition Leader added.

    Source: Office of the Leader of Opposition Press