One Link Aims to Fight Poverty and Promote Equality in Solomon Islands

One Link Aims to Eradicate Poverty and Promote Equality of Wealth

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Members of the public who attend the One link talk at Honiara High School Hall.


THE Director of One Link Pacifica, Charles Dora in a statement on Sunday reveals that his organization aimed to promote and support charity work and strengthen the providence of their services and delivery in the Solomon Islands to eradicate poverty and promote equality of wealth.

The statement comes after the recent stance by the CBSI which labeled one Link as an Illegal entity operating in the Country.

The CBSI statement said that One Link was a Ponzi scheme which is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with little risk.

However, One Link Director, Charles Dora in revealing the objectives of the scheme argued his scheme is genuine.

“One Link Pacifica will encourage productive sound economic engagement in the development and promote the integrity of natural resources. It will work, participate and exchange information with other organizations of interest as deemed necessary to disseminate rightful information to those who have no access and means to quality education and standard information.

“This means One Link Pacifica is putting into operation a monetary system that will cause a continuous circulation of currency to reach the entire population in the Solomon Islands,”

The One Link Director in the meantime reiterated that every aims and objective of his organization can be simplified down to one priority objective which is to eradicate Poverty and foster equal distribution of wealth for all citizens in the Solomon Islands.