NZ to Provide $10 Million Support for Pacific Journalism

New Zealand Foreign Minister, Winston Peters speaking to journalists in Nauru.

NAURU 6 September – THE New Zealand Government has confirmed their committed plan to support and expand a comprehensive training programme to assist broadcasting and journalism across the Pacific and commitment to Pacific Media.

The support plan includes media equipment, internships and cross-regional training and to enhance a free-to-air Pasifika TV service.

New Zealand Foreign Minister, Winston Peters announced the plan at the Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru that the NZ$10 million Pacific broadcasting and journalism expansion and support will include a dedicated Pasifika TV channel with New Zealand content, improving both quality and access for free-to-air broadcasters across the region.

“The significant expansion of PCBL’s training and capability work includes provision for additional broadcasters to receiving field equipment, technical support and comprehensive training.The programme focuses on strengthening regional broadcasting capacity, providing equipment and working closely with Pacific free-to air broadcasters to develop skills and increase production of regional news, current affairs and local content,” he stated.

He said the valued NZ$10 Million package will expand Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Ltd service over a three years time-frame across the Pacific.

“The expansion of the Pasifika TV service will dramatically improve the way in which New Zealand content is delivered across the Pacific; while the existing service has demonstrated its ability to lift broadcasting and journalism in the region, it is the natural next step to promote the production of more Pacific content, including news and current affairs.

“Informed open conversation, facilitated by the media, is the backbone of transparent governance. This initiative provides an opportunity to support broadcasters throughout the region to contribute to that debate,” the NZ Foreign Affairs Minister said.

The introduction of a dedicated channel platform will improve broadcaster access to Pasifika TV content, increasing viewership and contributing to a cohesive New Zealand voice in the region.

Established by Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited in 2015, Pasifika TV currently provides a contribution feed of New Zealand content to 23 free-to-air broadcasters across 12 Pacific countries.