NSO Meets with FAO Reps

NASP 2017 National Project Coordinator Charles Oloka told the FAO regional Statistician based in Samoa Ms. Rasmiyya Aliyeva on the progress of the survey.

THE National Statistics Office (NSO) has met with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) recently over the National Agriculture Survey Project 2017 (NASP).

The meeting with the FAO representatives is to;

  • Discuss the National Agriculture Survey Project 2017 (NASP) data analysis and report writing including launching and dissemination
  • Identify and interview four candidates to be selected for the analysis of NASP survey results
  • Discuss draft output plan outlining the content of analysis
  • To have a workshop/training with those identify tasks and timelines
  • How to modify the remaining project resources for the provision of better support to NSO
  • Discuss future agriculture surveys/census plans for Solomon Islands especially with the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock (MAL) and
  • Identify capacity building needs for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) monitoring (indicators under FAO custodianship)

Government Statistician Douglas Kimi said the dialogue is crucial considering the fact that the household based agriculture survey or NASP was completed in October last year and the data currently being analysed.

“The second component of it (NASP) is the census on ‘Big Farms’ which is progressing and also nearing completion.

“FAO as the Technical backer to the project (NASP), it is important that we sit together and discuss shared understanding on how we can go about the write-ups and analysing of data for the final report,” the Government Statistician said.

Mr. Kimi said the series of discussion was successful.

He said NSO is looking forward to the launching of the survey report next year and also to bolster is partnership with FAO is future survey projects.

NSDS Project Manager (interim) Samson Kanamoli (centre) with two female National Statistics Office staff during the meeting with FAO representatives.

Meanwhile, NASP National Project Coordinator Charles Oloka thanked the National Government (SIG) for its financial support and commitment towards the survey.

He said the support rendered by the government has proved in the successful implementation of the project initial phase and the roll out of the second component (big farms census) which is currently in progress.

The 2017 NASP was the country’s first ever national agriculture sur­vey and thus covers all selected household agricultural holdings.

The survey is intended to assist the government through its responsible ministry, the Ministry of Agricul­ture & Livestock (MAL) with plan­ning to improve agriculture pro­duction in the country.

The survey will provide benchmark data on land use, type of agricul­ture and related activities, structure of agricultural holdings and their main characteristics, to support the strategic plans and programmes of the Solomon Islands on agriculture production and investment as well as to support development of some Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators in the agriculture sector.

The project is supported by the Sol­omon Islands Government (SIG) through the Ministry of Agricul­ture and Livestock (MAL) with the Technical support from Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and Secretariat of the Pacific Com­munity (SPC).

The survey (NASP 2017) results are expected to be released next year.