NRH Receives New Blood Donation Trailer

New blood donation trailer that will meet the blood transfusion needs of the National Referral Hospital.


THE Medical Laboratory Department of the National Referral Hospital (NRH) are new recipient of a large blood donation trailer donated by New South Wales Red Cross of Australia.

The large trailer on wheels is attached with safe and comfortable collection of 4 beds and screening rooms. The staff of the blood bank unit will use the trailer as a mobile donor centre for voluntary blood donation in Honiara.

NRH Director of the Medical Laboratory Department, Alfred Dofai says the handover ceremony of the blood donation trailer marks a significant day for the patients of the NRH.

“It special gift given directly to improve health outcomes for patient needing blood transfusion in Honiara.

“This trailer provides 4 additional beds that will boost the number of donor collections and reduce waiting time. It also offers primary for donor’s interview and medical checks prior to giving blood.

“It gives cool and clean environment build to Australian Standard; therefore we promise to maintain the trailer in a good condition so that it can serve the hospital for a long time.We will ensure this trailer to full use for the betterment of the patients,” Dofai said.

He described ongoing problem faced by the NRH – blood bank unit to safe lives in Honiara.

“The experience of blood shortage every now and then has caused a lot of delays in blood transfusions especially during and after major surgical operations. The shortage does not only cause frustration but compromise patient care that often leads to substandard treatment and unnecessary death.

“Last year we collected 3,500 donors but the number of donors required was 7,000 therefore we need to meet the remaining half in order to meet the demand of the hospital,” Dofai said.

The blood donation trailer was donated by News south Wales Red Cross. It was handed over by the Rotary of Solomon Islands and SI Forest Association.

NRH staffs, health officials, staff of Rotary of Solomon Islands and SI Forest Association and donor partners witnessing the handover of the blood donation trailer.

Meanwhile, Alfred Dofai says that they are very thankful for the wonderful gift that will go directly to meeting the transfusion needs of the Hospital.

“We want to thank Dr Clare Heney of Royal Brisbane Hospital and Mr Luke Harrington of Australia Red Cross for the successful negotiation for the trailer.

“We also thanked those behind the scene in ensuring that this trailer is loaded safely on to the boat to Honiara. We are indebted and grateful to the Rotary of the Solomon Islands and SI Forest Association for arranging shipping and freight to Honiara.

“We also thank Bulk shop for pulling the trailer to where it is now,” Dofai said.

Mr Dofai added that they want also thank the Rotary for arranging plumbing repainting and printing of the trailer and construction of the walkway and waiting bay.

“All of your efforts hard resulted in this successful project that is now ready for use a big thank you to you all. We promise to maintain this trailer in good condition so that it can serve this hospital for a long time to come,” he said.

Dofai says they will ensure to use the trailer to the full for the betterment of the patients.