North West Guadalcanal Association Launches New Logo

North West Guadalcanal Development Association launches new logo.


THE newly established North West Guadalcanal Development Association (NWGDA) officially launched a logo to represent the Association’s image after its recent creation.

The event to launch the logo was held on Wednesday 2nd September at Pisei village, Aruligho Community. The new logo is a simple design. It features black arrows that reflect a compass and eagle; the pointed arrows represent North West Guadalcanal on the compass, which enhanced the image of the Association.

Chairman of the Association, Simon Chottu expressed his gratitude towards the creation and launching of the Association’s new logo.

He said Association aims to represent the interests of the population throughout North West Guadalcanal.

“Our new logo highlights our effort to build a strong Association that fulfills our mission of improving the socio-economic development of the region while building participation. The Association has created history and we hope the logo’s image will become a symbol of hope for the youths, children, women, and men of the North West Guadalcanal,” the Chairman said.

The event attracted hundreds of local villagers including community elders to witness the milestone launch of the Association’s new logo.