Nomination Centres Open in Honiara

Solomon Islands Electoral Office.

THE Solomon Islands Electoral Office (SIEC) has finally formalized arrangements for the opening of nomination centers in Honiara.

The decision to open nomination centers in Honiara was made due to the bad weather which bothered the first week of the nomination period.

This is to facilitate nominations for intending candidates who are trapped in Honiara due to the bad weather.

The nomination centers will open for the two remaining days of the nomination period which is Tuesday (Feb 19th) and Wednesday (Feb 20th).

Nomination centers for all constituencies will open except Guadalcanal and the three Honiara constituencies.

For Guadalcanal, only South Guadalcanal Constituency has opened up its center at the Guadalcanal Province Headquarter.

Other Guadalcanal constituencies have reported smooth executions of the process, therefore, need not to open up centers in Honiara.

All other constituencies throughout the country will have nomination centers open in Honiara at the Electoral Office for the two remaining days as well as in the constituencies.

For Temotu, Western, Makira and Choiseul provinces, apart from the nomination centers that will open in Honiara, Assistant Returning Officers are also stationed in the provincial headquarters to receive nominations.

SIEC Chief Electoral Officer Mose Saitala urges all intending candidates who are stranded in Honiara to utilize the Honiara nomination centers for the two remaining days.

The Commission has made the decision exercising its powers vested in section 59 (3) of the Electoral Act which states that the ‘Commission may declare a place outside the constituency to be a nomination place for the constituency, provided that there is also at least one nomination place in the constituency’.

“This extraordinary arrangement will enable stranded candidates in provincial headquarters and in Honiara to file and complete their nominations before 20th February, which is the last day for submission of nomination application.,” Mr Saitala said.

He added that the nominators of a candidate will still have to be registered voters in the constituency and residing in that constituency. Candidates should ensure that their nominators are with them when they file their nomination or that arrangements are made for clear expression of consent of nominators nominating a candidate.

The Chief Electoral Officer call on all intending candidates who are stranded in provincial headquarters and in Honiara to utilized the arrangements, which are taken to provide accessibility to all intending candidates.

This additional arrangement will ensure fair opportunity despite the bad weather and completion of nomination by the 20th February as stipulated in the Electoral Act.