No Vaccine Yet For COVID-19

WHO Confirms Amid Reports on Social Media

No vaccine is yet available for COVID-19.


THE World Health Organisation has confirmed that there is currently still no vaccine available yet for the Coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmation comes after a viral post on social media claiming that vaccines for the virus have been found.

But speaking to clear the doubts about the issue, WHO representative, Dr. Sevil Huseynova said that to date, no vaccine has been officially discovered and approved yet by the WHO.

“There is currently no vaccine nor a specific treatment for the disease caused by Wuhan coronavirus, even as China and other countries are stepping up their efforts to tackle the outbreak.”

Dr. Sevil Huseynova said globally, WHO will continue to collaborate with prominent health personals to better understand the disease.

“No drugs are effective in treating coronavirus infections in humans, and no vaccines aimed at preventing these infections have been licensed.

 “WHO will continue to collaborate with scientists, clinicians, disease trackers, governments, supply chain experts and partners from the public and private sector to better understand the disease and coordinate the COVID-19 response.”

A recently released Statement from WHO headquarters also confirmed – “There is no specific antiviral treatment recommended for 2019 coronavirus infection. People infected with 2019 coronavirus should receive supportive care to help relieve symptoms.”

Dr. Sevil Huseynova in the meantime reiterated WHO’s commitment and readiness to support the Solomon Islands in any way possible.