Nguvia Students Learn Taiwanese Culture

Group photo: Ms. Li with the Nguvia Community High School students and staffs.


NGUVIA Community High School in East Guadalcanal was privileged to discover profound Taiwanese culture in a presentation made by Taiwanese mandarin teacher, Ms. Li Kuei Mi held at the school compound.

Ms. Li has worked over the years with the Solomon Islands National University (SINU). She is currently popularly known in the Honiara and known to the locals as the Taiwanese Mandarin teacher.

Hundreds of curious students including teachers turned up to witness the documented presentation about Taiwanese culture and language and also participated in the interactive activities and discussions.

Ms. Li said she was overwhelmed with the interactive turnout especially in the eastern rural region of Guadalcanal province.

“Am so happy to be at a school outside of Honiara Township to meet the students.

“I always thought that people from the remote areas should also have the chance to discover what’s happening in the capital and elsewhere around the world. The students are responsive and attentive during the whole session and it’s nice seeing them being curious to discover a new language and culture.”

Ms. Li has over the years introduced a comprehensive series of Mandarin language and cultural teaching programs in the country. The aim of these programs is to offer students basic knowledge about the diverse culture of Taiwan and ensure they are equipped with a good understanding about the Mandarin language to help them should they seek future scholarship to study in Taiwan.

The official language spoken in Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese. The language has two dialects, the Taiwanese Mandarin and standard Mandarin.

Nguvia School principal Mr. James Mepobu expressed his administration’s appreciation to Ms. Li.

“I accept to host the interactive presentation because I see most of my students need to be expose to other new things outside the country.

“By watching all the Taiwanese video clips and pictures, our students will be able to know, and acquire positive global outlook and interest about the different language and cultures from other parts of the world.

“I honestly believe that Ms Li’s presentation will inspire and motivate our students to work extra harder to obtained future scholarships to further their studies in Taiwan. Learning mandarin language is very important in today’s business world especially if students want to socially interact and have conversation with the mandarin speaking people in other parts of the world,” he added.