New Story Books Launched in Honiara

Hellen Marau and Roselyn Maneipuri (the authors) with the illustrators of the books; Brian Feni, Richard Bibimauri and Fred Oge.

THE Ministry and Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) in partnership with New Zealand High Commission in Honiara has recently launched a new series of story books that will add to the resource local primary schools throughout the country.

The three books are entitled – ‘Turtle and Heron’, ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Medauea and Tinakula’. It is written by Roselyn Maneipuri and illustrated by the local renowned artists – Fred Oge, Richard Bibimauri and Brian Feni.

The specific books have unique titles, which featured local kastom stories. It is described as a powerful tool to supporting literacy learning across the curriculum while upholding and promoting cultural knowledge and values.

The books were made possible through the Pacific Literacy and School Leadership Programme (PLSLP), funded by the New Zealand’s Government.

However, the implementation of the program was accomplished through the supportive network and collaborative efforts made by the following expertise: University of Auckland, New Zealand, Institute of Education of the University of the South Pacific, local artists and writers, Literacy and Leadership Facilitators and Lift publishing – a NZ based educational recourses publishing company which supported the development of the books.

In Solomon Islands, the programme has worked specifically with the Temotu Provincial Education Authority including 16 primary schools in the province. Therefore, copies of the specific books will be printed and distributed to schools in Temotu.

The books are aimed to effectively equip teachers to support primary students in their learning capacity.

The program works directly at the classroom level especially to assist local school – teachers and leaders with the day-to-day challenges they face, and to build capability at the school levels to sustain student-learning improvements beyond the project.

The initiation of the program was established in mid 2014 by the New Zealand (NZ) – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), with its primary objective to assist Ministries of Education in cook Islands, Solomon Islands and Tonga to gain a better understanding of how to address long-standing challenges in improving student literacy learning.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has also ordered additional copies of the books (through NZ budget support funds), and hopes to distribute the storybooks to all Primary schools across Solomon Islands.