New Cylinder Gas Service Provider in Honiara

Didds Gas Service in Honiara.


DIDDS Service Station has made another milestone achievement today to become the second Gas service provider and distributor in Honiara, Solomon Islands after the long-established Origin Gas Energy.

In a brief Launching Ceremony today 1st June 2020 at the Didao Refilling Service Station, Human Resource Manager (HR), Jackie Molea Chow stated this is yet another Milestone for the Local Business and all of this will not happen without the brain behind the initiative, her Father, Mr. Toata Molea.

Mrs. Molea Chow told Sunday Isles that depending on the demand of customers and clients, they hope to expand to provinces in the future.

“We have just started and we are pleased to offer people optimal choices when it comes to exploring safe gas for cooking in the country,” Mrs. Molea Chow.

According to a company statement regarding prices of the newly introduced Gas, $250 per 4.5kg and $450 per 9kg and this includes the new gas cylinder.

The statement further explained that when the bottle gas cylinders are empty, customers can pay a refill cost of only $86 per 4.5kg bottle gas cylinder and $186 per 9kg gas bottle.

Human Resource Manager, Mrs. Molea Chow explained that newly introduced Didds Gas is Eco – Friendlier and safer than other Gases.

“Didds Gas is Eco-friendly which means it contained less amount of sulfur, nitrogen, and other matters which are known to be harmful – affecting the environment.

“I want to make mention also that – in scientific terms – the Didds Gas contains more propane than Butane which means the gas will become more harmless, much safer and easier to use than other gases which have more Butane than Propane,” Mrs. Molea Chow stated.

She further mentioned that it is their aim to make prices more affordable and she added that currently, gas prices are much too high.

“Some people can’t afford current prices of a gas bottle in the country, we as a 100% Locally owned entity, we want to bring down prices so that we can give people a variety of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing gas for cooking in the country,” Mrs. Molea Chow stated.