New Change for Gender Equality in Police Force

RSIPF Womens officers during the parade to celebrate international women's day in Honiara.

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has launched its Gender Strategy 2019 – 2021 committing to make the organisation better for its women officers and making the Force better for all women in Solomon Islands.

“The RSIPF Gender Strategy 2019-2021 is our new framework for accelerating change for gender equality in the police force. We believe that by improving gender equality within the RISPF, we are actively and positively building a stronger police force and contributing to a better Solomon Islands,” Commissioner Varley.

“Through this strategy we will strive to be a more cohesive police force that is strong, professional and has the confidence of the community.”

Commissioner Varley explains: “The purpose of our strategy is simple, yet powerful. We will improve gender equality to create a workplace that actively supports and values women in all aspects of policing to build a strong and professional police force for all officers.”

“The people of Solomon Islands place their trust in us to be an ethical Force and to stand up for what is right and fair. People seek our help at their times of greatest need. To keep earning this trust, the RSIPF must continue to grow as a modern and professional police force,” Commissioner Varley added.

This strategy aims to actively transform the RSIPF into a more inclusive workplace which offers fair and equitable opportunities for both women and men to make a difference. It is about recognising equally the unique talents and skills of all police officers and the roles they play in our mission and the safety and security of our nation.”

“In fact, we are aiming to be leaders in advancing the role of women in policing across the Pacific region and in doing so we will improve our policing services for the community and do more to prevent gender based violence,” says Commissioner Varley.

The RSIPF Gender Strategy focuses on four key areas including:

  • Systems;
  • Leadership;
  • Capability, and
  • Advocacy

The RSIPF Commissioner thanked all the stakeholders who contributed to putting together the Gender Strategy including the Solomon Islands Police Development Program (SIPDP) and the Solomon Islands Police Support Program (SIPSP).