Nationwide Fundraiser Planned to Support Australia



A nationwide fundraiser in aid of the Australian Bushfires is in place and is set to eventuate at a confirm date anytime from now.

Spearheaded by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), a committee was already set up and comprised of the PMO, HCC, HBA and other NGOs.

Honiara Band Association (HBA) Chairman, Benjamin Afuga and his committee on Monday are working very hard in negotiating with other stakeholders to organize a live music concert for the Australian Bushfire victims.

“It’s not the size of funds that matters, but it’s the size of our hearts that matters,” the HBA chairman wrote in the HBA Facebook page.

A report from the committee has stated that Senior Statesman (Prominent Businessman, former politician, and a fundraiser expert) Sir Tommy Chan told the committee yesterday (at night) in a meeting that he wanted to change the perception that the Solomon Islands are only good at asking.

“That was the challenge I had and drove me to organize fundraisings to help other nationalities in times of disasters”, the statement reads.

Sir Tommy has had a history of hosting fundraising drives for a better cause. He has spearheaded fundraisings for Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, Queensland disasters, others and locally fundraisings to rebuild the Auki primary school that was burnt to ashes some years ago.

Most of the planned fundraising activities will involve music therefore HBA is a worthy partner in this nationwide fundraising drive.

“Few bands have already indicated their willingness to help out in the fundraising,” HBA chairperson Mr. Afuga told Sunday Isles.

According to Mr. Afuga, the committee will meet again this Friday to finalize plans and dates for the fundraising drive.