Naragoto Company Products from Ngali Nut Fruits

Ngali Nut products of Naragoto Company.

SOLOMON Islands have many indigenous fruit trees but it is rare to find products produced from Ngali nuts.

The Naragoto Company, owned and managed by Dr Richard Pauku from Choiseul province, has found many important uses of Ngali nuts after a research project. The company now produces useful products from the fruit.

Project manager Billy Maehia said the research showed a high demand for Ngali nut products, especially oil.

“Naragoto Company is trying to promote the usefulness of our islands’ indigenous fruit trees, which are pure and organic.

“It is best for us to use our own products when it comes to feeding and beautifying ourselves rather than using products from other countries which we are not aware of what they contain.”

Out of Ngali nuts, Naragoto Company produces oil for both hair, body and cooking, flakes, ground nuts which can be used for cake toppings, and ground nuts for feeding animals such as chickens, pigs and cats.