Naha Sch upgrades with maiden F7 intake



Naha School has upgraded its status to become one of the few institutions in Honiara providing seventh form of education in arts discipline to students.

Speaking to the Sunday Isles paper, Naha school Principal Hubert Baselo said that the idea to introduce Form 7 at Naha school is to provide space for students scoring aggregates of 14 and below as well as others who do not have the chance to go further due to limited space in other schools.

“Since one of the pillars of our education policies is access, Naha school wants to provide a second chance and opportunity for students to be able to carry on with form 7 foundation studies,” Baselo said.

Baselo confirms 20 students for their first intake and outlines that their expansion plans a target on providing Foundation and Preliminary Arts programmes including business, tourism and science technology.

“For a start with the form 7 Arts, the school will be providing a Computer lab, Library, a study space and a classroom,” said Mr Baselo.

He said that interested students with aggregates below 16 are encouraged to visit the school as soon as possible due to limited space which is available.

The school principal wants to encourage students to submit applications to be part of Naha school’s maiden Form 7 Arts for this year.