More Locals Joining the Australian Labour Schemes

Australian High Commissioner, H.E Rod Brazier and Director of Labour Mobility Unit, Mr George Tuti.

THE Seasonal Workers Program (SWP) and Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) has continued to grow from strength to strength.

Australia’s ongoing support to the Solomon Islands Government demonstrates its commitment to increase the quality and preparedness of SWP and PLS workers.

This year, the Labour Mobility Unit has undertaken a number of recruitment drives for the SWP and the PLS. The purpose of the recruitment drives are to ensure the program maintains a work ready pool of suitable workers to meet growing demand for Solomon Islander workers in Australia.

On 26th April, the Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) held a two-day pre-departure briefing for the largest group of workers recruited from Solomon Islands. 48 workers, this includes 4 females, who will be traveling to Australia under SWP to work on fresh produce farms in Queensland.

The Australian High Commissioner, H.E Rod Brazier, met with the workers encouraging the workers to be good ambassadors representing Solomon Islands in Australia. “We want Australian farmers to know that Solomon Islander workers are strong, reliable and hardworking” Mr Brazier stated.

The Director of Labour Mobility Unit, Mr George Tuti, encouraged workers to “promote the reputation of Solomon Islands’ workers in Australia, to attract employers to recruit from Solomon Islands giving other potential workers more opportunities to participate in the schemes”.

Beware of scams:

People should be aware of labour mobility scams. As per advice from the LMU no one should pay money to individuals promising work as part the SWP scheme. Anyone who is approached by someone claiming to facilitate work in Australia in exchange for money should contact LMU immediately and report the incident.