Mock Curfew Coming Weekend

Mock Curfew Coming Weekend...Photo credit: curfew-times


A mock curfew is confirmed for this weekend, starting on Friday 10th April until Sunday 12th April.

This was confirmed by the Prime Minister (PM)) in responding to suggestions made in parliament by the leader of opposition Mathew Wale.

The leader of opposition Mathew Wale was suggesting that a lockdown be moved to a different time other than the Easter period.

However, Prime Minister Sogavare said that the curfew will be applied only during night hours only 8 pm in the evening to 5 am in the morning.

“Let’s be clear that the mock curfew will only be enforced at night times, starting at 8 pm in the evening and lifted 5 am in the morning until it ends.”

PM Sogavare said the curfew will not affect people attending to their daily activities and Easter prayer services.

He said the mock curfew is to enable people in the declared state of emergency area to have a taste of the real curfew and to test logistics and preparedness needed in a real lockdown.