Missing Dead Still Not Found, Search Party Faces Uncertainty

The fatal landslide at the Lambi village in West Guadalcanal.


THREE bodies are still not been found after weeks of failed search by villagers to locate the dead.

The missing dead (a male baby and two women) were victims of the recent deadliest landslide caused by weeks of continued heavy rain at Lambi village, West Guadalcanal.

A villager, Mary Rosa from Kobiloko village said that the fatal landslide took eight lives but only five bodies were managed to be recovered and the other three were unsuccessful.

“The searching party has taken days after days of searching without single luck to locate the missing dead,” she said.

Rosa added that other resources like an excavator were used during the day but still no evidence of the missing dead was sighted.

“It has taken the search party two weeks since we began the search however with the current failed attempts they have decided to ask the permission of the immediate families and relatives of the diseased if they could agree to call-off the search of their loved ones,” she said.

The fatal landslide was the deadliest and major disaster to have taken place in the community of Lambi in West Guadalcanal.