Ministry of National Unity Hold Fruitful Meeting

Deputy Director Chris Tabea address the particpants

MINISTRY of National Unity Reconciliation and Peace (MNURP) successfully hold a Honiara City Urban Community Leaders and Stakeholders, partnership meeting at Rock Haven Motel.

The meeting is facilitated by the Ministry of National Unity Reconciliation and Peace through its Peace Office in Honiara City.

Speaking at the opening of the Deputy Director Peace and Reconciliation Division Mr. Chris Tabea address the participants said the purpose of the meeting is to bring Honiara City Urban community leaders, NGO partners, SIG responsible authorities, Church rep and other donor partners together.

And also to update on the Traditional Governance (TG) Bill 2018 and the progress of Reparation programs and current status with Honiara City Urban leaders and to discuss a collaborate approach to support HCC on its mandate work in the city.

He added while’s Honiara City has different ethnicities and cultures such meeting is of paramount important so that community leaders, church leader, women and youth leaders together with NGOs and international stakeholder discuss plans and issues that of important in the city.

He said this is not a first meeting ministry held for community leaders in Honiara, for the past years till now ministry has conducted workshops and training for the leaders to equip them to address issues in their communities.

He highlighted “As you already aware that with the ministry commitment to empowering traditional leaders, community leaders in the country, ministry has forwarded the Traditional Governance Bill to Parliament last year”.

However, the bill is withdraw on the floor of parliament still the ministry is committed and continue implementing its program and activities on empowering traditional leaders and community leaders with the aim to re-submit the TG bill to the upcoming newly form government.

Deputy Director edge all participants to make use of the meetings and come up with programs and plans that will make Honiara a safe city.

Meanwhile, Chief Peace Reconciliation Officer Glens Kherah Clay thanked all partnerships for their time and contribution in the meeting.

He said your contributions would certainly help us in implementing our programs and activities in the city this year 2019, more so our meeting will cement our partnership with all sectors so that we deliver what is expected to urban communities.