Ministry of Fisheries Condemns Misuse of Public Funds Allegations


THE Management of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources condemned in the strongest terms the allegations levelled against its Permanent Secretary and the Director of Fisheries for alleging the personal misuse of public funds to the amount of $13,185,508.37.

As a Ministry that strives to uphold accountability and transparency in all its administrative processes and procedures, the Management wishes toassure the people of Solomon Islands that contrary to the allegations, the Ministry did what was required by the laws of this country.

The cheque of $13,185,508.37 was receipted to Ministry of Finance and Treasury on 13 December 2012 by MFMR and was not deposited in an ANZ Special Account as alleged by Charles Dausabea, CEO of ICCTISI or misused as alleged by many FSII contributors.

A copy of the cheque and the receipt that was issued by Ministry of Finance and Treasury is shown below. Moreover, a copy of the Treasury Deposit Schedule of 14 December 2012 provided by Ministry of Finance to confirm the deposit of the cheque is also provided.

Further note that the receipting of the cheque to Ministry of Finance was made following a Cabinet Decision C43[2012]6 that was reached on what must be done to the proceeds from the confiscated beche-de-mer originating from Ontong Java, Malaita Outer Islands.