Mine’s Minister Explains Gov’t Position on Isabel Nickel Deposition

Hon. Bradley Tovosia.

THE Minister for Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification Honorable Bradley Tovosia says the Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government (SIDCCG) is working very hard to ensure the mining of the Nickel deposits in Isabel is back and running.

Hon. Tovosia said the government under its policy statement has mandated to build a broad and environmental sustainable economy.

He said the government through the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification shall continue with its work plan in review of the mineral exploration and mining operation in the country including the Isabel Province.

The Minister recently made the statement before parliament in responds to Hon. Mathew Wale, MP for Aoke/ Langalanga who has asked for an explanation on the government’s policy regarding the Isabel’s nickel deposits.

He said the issue of nickel deposits in Isabel is a long time story where the current government is very serious about it and would like to make it open.

Hon Tovosia said despite losing one of the good investor ‘Sumitomo’ who was supposed to do the mining, there are still other good investors out there who also have the interests on that nickel deposits.

He said over the recent past, the government has been urged by the resource owners reopen the mining operations.

“Because of that, as part of our responsibility, my Ministry has sent down some of our officers to do awareness talks and get views and feedbacks from the resource owners especially on the environmental issues and other related issues that they need to know,” he said.

“We have done this properly where we have a dialogue in Honiara where resources owners in Isabel, chiefs, tribal members have come together and we end up with some good conclusions,” he added.