Media Associations Urged to be Strong

From left, NBC Senior Reporter, Gregory Moses, PINA President Moses Stevens and Island Business Editor Samson Pareti during the opening.

PRESIDENT of the Pacific International News Association (PINA) Moses Stevens encourages the Pacific Media Associations to be strong to bring back PINA to its roots.

Speaking during the opening of the 5th Pacific Media Summit in Tonga on Tuesday night he said PINA has experienced fall out which results to some member’s moving away.

He said when he was elected as president of PINA there were issues on the ground that he has to deal with.

He said one of the issues was merging PINA with Pacific Islands Broadcasting Association (PIBA).

He said some members were not happy and decided to stay away from PINA.

He said another issues was when the members have put on pressure to move PINA Secretariat out from Fiji during the 2006 coup.

“The Media Freedom was a big issue and there were pressure on us to move the secretariat out from Suva.

“PINA has to discuss it with the Fiji Prime Minister to reach an understanding on the important of communication,” he said.

Pacific Journalists during a receptionist on the opening ceremony.

Mr Steven acknowledges the media associations in Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Niue, Tuvalu and Tonga for supporting PINA during those times.

“Today we are glad the Media Association in Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and American Samoa has shown commitment to strengthen their associations.

“It is like PINA is coming back to life,” he said

Mr Stevens said every media association’s needs to talk and understand each other to build an effective media house in the Pacific.

Mr Stevens also acknowledge Post Courier and Western Samoa for re-joining PINA.

He said PINA is growing and now back to its roots.

Source: Charles Kadamana