MARA Government Pledge Support for Bina Harbour Project

Premier Suidani said the milestone is a big leap forward (Photo Credit: Solomon Star)

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THE Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani has stated that he is humble but proud in the milestone achievement and progress stakeholder of Bina Harbour Tuna Processing Project has collaboratively made.

Premier Daniel Suidani made the statement during the declaration and signing ceremony of five trustees representing Landowners and people of West Kwaio over the weekend at Buma Catholic Station, West Kwaio, Malaita Province.

In his short remark, Premier Suidani said the occasion has mark the fruit of the willingness by land owning groups and is a big leap forward in putting into reality the 100 years old development dream of Malaita.

Premier Suidani stressed that Bina Project has been in written record since 1920.

“The place has been talked about in record books for a 100 years as a place befitting a major development,” said Suidani.

He continued “today’s solemn occasion is truly a blessing which showed a serious commitment on the part of the land owning groups, the national government and Malaita Provincial Government.”

On the same note, Premier Daniel Suidani revealed that Malaita Provincial Government will continue to work with the land owning groups and the responsible Ministry in fulfilling its mandate in aspects that are provided under constitution.

The Premier in the Meantime, congratulate the five trustees, and remind them of their responsibility.

“I want to remind those five trustees that your responsibility is big and very crucial. I encourage you to seek for appropriate advice from good and reponsible people and take it with dignity and always seek God’s guidance in your work.

“Bear in mind that you have carry with you not only the hope of your people but of Malaita Province and Solomon Islands as a whole,” Premier Suidani told the trustees.