Mandarin Students Learned More About Taiwan.

Local mandarin students and teacher, Li Kuei Mi with the international guests from Taiwan

THE Mandarin class in Solomon Islands National University (SINU) recently invited three special guests from the Taiwanese Technical Mission (TTM) to their class to demonstrate some of their favourite activities.

Chien-Jang Huang introduced the most popular sport in Taiwan – baseball, something of a novelty for football loving Solomon Islanders.

After a hilarious baseball demonstration by the students, music-loving Chia-Han Hou introduced Taiwanese music in different languages – Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka and Aboriginal languages. He then sang a popular Taiwan song followed by a love song that he had composed.

After the music came the food. Shao-Chuan YU showed how to make Cong You Bing, a scallion pancake, with the students watching on in interest to see how this simple but delicious Taiwanese dish was made.

The students unanimously found the day’s activity not only exciting but also informative and educational.

One student, Adrian Maneiaru, said the demonstrations were very nice and also educational.

“Not only that, I also enjoyed meeting these lovely people from Taiwan and learning about their likes and dislikes.

“I found it to be really refreshing to have this kind of activity as it really broadens our minds to new things,” she said.

She also learned that Taiwanese people must do military service when they are old enough and that if they like, they can do it in their country or in one of their ally countries.

Jason Indu said he learned a lot of new things that would really help him understand more about Taiwan, its people and culture.