Mandarin Introduced to St Joseph’s Tenaru

Group photo: Ms. Li with the Principal and students of St Joseph's Tenaru.


STAFF and students of Saint Josephs’ Tenaru National Secondary School were overwhelmed with the introductory presentation on the Taiwanese culture and language.

The school population turned up to an incredible presentation organized by the Solomon Islands National University Taiwanese Mandarin teacher, Ms. Li Kuei Mi on the 14th May 2019 at the school compound.

Ms. Li has over the years introduced a comprehensive series of Mandarin language and cultural teaching programs in the country. The aim of these programs is to offer students basic knowledge about the diverse culture of Taiwan and ensure they are equipped with a good understanding about the Mandarin language to help them should they seek future scholarship to study in Taiwan.

The students watched documentaries about Taiwanese culture and language and also participated in the interactive activities and discussions during the presentation.

Ms. Li expressed her excitement to meet the students of St Joseph’s Tenaru.

“Am very impressed by the fact that most of the Taiwan scholarship recipients in 2017 came from this school and they are quite brilliant.

“And it turned out that the students of Tenaru were the most excited and exciting ones during my tour of different schools so far.

“They were enthusiastic and curious.

“I could see how they fought hard with their shy nature to come to interact with me voluntarily, and it was really encouraging to see they laugh wholeheartedly and cheer with full energy all along my presentation,” she added.

Ms. Li taught students some common mandarin words, songs and also presented video clips of local students currently studying in Taiwanese universities.

“It was really rewarding to hear them sing the songs beautifully right after my teaching.

“It was even more gratifying when I heard them bursting waves of “Xiexie” (thank you) at the end of the presentation.

“I hope to motivate the students to work hard and gain themselves a chance to further their studies in Taiwan,” Ms. Li said happily.

Tenaru school Principal, Mr. Abraham Hihiru was pleased with the Taiwanese educational program delivered to the students.

“The presentation was very good and informative.

“It good for the students to know about the Mandarin language, so it will help them when they go on studies, not only in Taiwan but also in other parts of Asia and they should be able to communicate with Mandarin speaking people,” the principal said.