Mandarin Introduced to Honiara High School

A student searching for Taiwan on a globe map.

THE first Mandarin teacher in Solomon Islands, Ms Li Kuei Mi has recently presented Honiara High School students with Mandarin language at an introductory awareness program held at the school Assembly Hall.

The Mandarin awareness program attracted the attention of the students attended the one-day event.

Honiara High School Principal, Mr John Maetia said he’s very pleased that Ms LI had chose and asked to do the Mandarin introduction awareness activity in his school.

“I have accepted to host the Mandarin awareness based on the need for communication with the globalization as Mandarin is one of the major languages in the trade that gives necessity for our students to have the option to know Mandarin.

Ms Li Kuei Mi speaking to the students.

“I think it will be helpful if my students can have access to Mandarin courses because I very much consider having Mandarin courses in the future and it would be good to have Mandarin language included in Solomon Islands secondary education syllabus and curriculum program,” he told Isles Media.

Mr Maetia said that Taiwan is one of the country’s major bilateral partners and in terms of education; the assistance from Taiwan is quite big.

He said there are students who went to study in Taiwan as part of scholarship and award and he’s willing to have Mandarin language offered for senior forms in his school.

“This will help lessen the problem of students going for further tertiary studies in Taiwan universities; they won’t have any difficulty to speak Mandarin language.

According to Ms LI, this would be her fifth and final school to formally visit before she could resume her next semester classes in August of this year.

Honiara High School students attentively listening to Ms Li’s presentation.