Man Admitted after Being Hit by Axe

White River Police Station.

POLICE officers in White River Police Station, West Honiara are investigating a wounding incident that occurred at White River 01 bus stop where a man was admitted to the National Referral Hospital after sustaining axe wounds on 8 April 2018.

“This incident happened at night at the White River 01 bus stop, where the victim was hit with an axe,” says Provincial Police Commander Honiara City, Chief Superintendent Alfred Uiga.

“He was transported to the National Referral Hospital for medical attention and was admitted,” says PPC Uiga.

He added; “Investigators are following up on this matter and I want to make a call to relatives and friends not to take any form of retaliation but to let the police continue on with the investigations. You are asked to come forward with any information that of help to assist police in their job.”

PPC Uiga says, “This kind of attitude does not reflect well on us, we are good people and we must all work together to make our societies and communities a safer and better place for us to live in.”

White River Police Station can be contacted on phone, 21363, 22283 or you can contact Police Communications centre on 23666 or dial toll free number 999