MAL Successful Conducts PMP Session for its Buala Staff

PMP Session with Isabel Agriculture Extension Staff.

AGRICULTURE extension staffs of Isabel Province are now aware of their responsibilities when it comes to the Public Service Performance Management Process (PMP), thanks to a one day refresher session they attended Wednesday last week at Buala Isabel Province.

Chief Administration Officer (CAO) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) Hubert Gua travelled to Buala to administer the session.

The Performance management process (PMP) is defined as a systematic process for improving public service wide performance in delivery of Work plan by developing performance of individuals and teams.

Mr. Gua told the Buala extension officers that the PMP is a very important prerequisite that all public officers must comply with.

He further explained that an officer cannot be confirm as a public servant, nor receive incremental promotion, neither upper segment promotion or acting promotion without correctly filling the PMP, based on how he or she implemented her annual work plan.

During the session the CAO covered all components of the PMP much to the delight of the participants.

“This session has clarified our confusions and doubts,” said Jeffrey E’eniara, Chief Field Officer of Isabel province.

“Only few of us understand how to fill the form, while the rest are still confused, however, after this session my officers now clearly understand what to do.”

Therefore I on behalf of my officers would like to thank the Heads of the Agriculture Ministry for seeing it fit to send the Chief Admin Officer to Buala to help us.

The Buala PMP session was the start of many PMP trainings that will be carried out to other provincial agriculture extension offices in the near future.

The PMP together with Ministerial Cooperate Plans, Annual Divisional Work Plan and Individual Work Plan keeps the Public Service on track to deliver Government Service and Projects for the wellbeing of the Citizens of Solomon Islands.