Lilo Sheds Light on SIPRA’s Vision

Solomon Island Party for Rural Advancement Wing Leader and Former Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo.


SOLOMON Island Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA) has launched their platform at SINU Panatina Pavilion Hall on 27 February ahead of the 2019 National General Election.

Party Wing Leader and Former Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has spoken very strongly about the party policies and visions they will undertake if elected to lead the next Government.

Mr Lilo said that the country has been going through a lot of socio-economic crisis over the last four years i.e. mainly the Health Crisis, Government and National Security Crisis, infrastructure, Unemployment and to name a few.

“Our Health management system is in crisis resulting in closer of clinics and shortage of essential drugs medicine.

“We spent millions of dollars on consulting with little implemented in the last 4 years.

“We have approve tax free for the parliament members but increase the tax on rice, “ Lilo said.

Lilo added that SIPRA believe in order to achieve the social obligations the country must have a healthy economy.

He said we need an economic platform that will embrace our foreign investors, our aid donors our bilateral and trade partners.

“A platform that will allow our local business to harness their potential to grow and be sustainable into the future.

“We need to create new local business, embrace sustainable economic goal agree upon by all the UN members countries which Solomon Islands is member,” Lilo said.

He said SIPRA believes that by aligning the party platform with the SDG goals the country will move in the right direction to economic independence.

Solomon Island Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA) has been established as a political party since 2005

Meanwhile, Party Member Tekatoha said SIPRA has 10 candidates to contest under their banner in this year’s (2019) National General Election:

The Candidates are: Temotu Vatu constituency Clay Forau Soalaoi,Temotu Pele Drummond Tupe Vaea,Ulawa Ugi Billy Titiulu,East Makira Frank Wetara,West Makira Robert C Abeniha’a,South Guadalcanal Rollen Seleso,North Guadalcanal Martin Sopage,East Honiara Walter Folotalu,Savo/Russell Derick Pepere,Gizo Kolombagnara Gordon Darcy Lilo.

Mr Tekatoha said that Lilo has been an instrumental figure for the party over the years; moulding, growing and leading the party since its interception.

“While carrying out various leadership and pivotal role in the Government including being the Minister of Finance and Treasury in 2006 to 2010 and being Prime Minister in 2011 to 2014.

“SIPRA has a very proud history of being instrumental in tidying up societal chaos.

“Fixing up Government Untidiness and Redirecting Economic Development for this nation of ours,” Tekatoha said.

SIPRA Regional Contribution Highlighted

Tekatoha highlighted that Solomon Island Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA) has made a lot of progression in the past years says party member.

Mr Teketoha said the party has demonstrated Leadership within the region asserting Tahiti and New Caledonia on Decolonisation issues to the pacific Forum and the United Nation platform.

“Insisting on the reacceptance of Fiji into the Common wealth family of Nations and further extended this regional leadership in to south East Asia.

“Effectively laying out a trajectory of Solomon Islands relationships from south East Asia through Papua New Guinea.

“With archipelagic underpinning and interests to suit the detail of the geological and marine character of our country,” Tekatoha said.

SIPRA has demonstrated by the value they place in their relationship within the Melanesia Spearhead Group and the Pacific Forum. As well sustaining and strengthening the relationship between Australia and New Zealand and Developing Partners in the region, Tekatoha added.

He said SIPRA Flagship policy 2006 and the 2010 Government the Ministry of Environment and Climate change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, (MECDM) and establish leading to Solomon Island inclusive into Coral Triangle.

“Besides SIPRA has implemented with National Project for provincial and rural infrastructure Development.

“The Lomlom airstrip for Temotu, Maepua and Vagahao Bridges in Makira, Auki Main Market and Whalf,” Tekatoha said.