Kirakira Public Impressed with Census Awareness Program

Makira and Temotu province Census District Superintendent, Francis Badenogo responding to questions from members of the public.

THE Makira-Ulawa public including students has flocked out in number’s to the Census awareness booth in Kirakira to learn about Census and its importance.

This was after the Province 2019 Census team headed by Census District Superintendent (CDS) for Makira and Temotu, Francis Badenogo, staged their initial Census awareness program during the celebration of the province’s Second Appointed Day event held at the provincial capital, Kirakira last week.

The celebration runs from Wednesday 31st July – Friday 2nd August.

Makira and Temotu Census District Superintendent, Francis Badenogo said they have erected a stall and have made a presentation during the occasion.

They have also distributed information brochures during the event and have been able to answer questions from the Kirakira public.

“Good statistics are essential for the delivery of basic services, and it is used to measure inputs, outputs, outcomes and providing a reliable assessment. The need for reliable data is essential to take our province and country forward”, he said.

During the presentation at the provincial day celebrations, the Makira Census team has announced that any queries regarding the Census dates and process should be taken to the Makira Census office which is located at the former BSP Bank premises.

Mr. Badenogo said that the highlight of the awareness program was student flocked their stall to learn about Census and its usefulness.

He said that for some, it was their first time to get the knowledge and learn about what is Census.

Mr. Badenogo added that they were also run out of informational materials (brochures) as more and more people come to know about Census importance during the awareness program.

He said that the people of Makira-Ulawa Province are ready and willing to participate in the Census comes November.

At the same time, Mr. Badenogo acknowledged the Makira-Ulawa Provincial Assembly for their support in allocating an office space for them in Kirakira and for their assurance to support the Census project in the Province.

Meanwhile, Census Commissioner and Government Statistician, Douglas Kimi thanked all the nine provincial Census team including Honiara as headed by their Census District Superintendent (CDS) for their continuous work in raising awareness in the communities across the country to ensure people informed of the coming Census.

He said that this is a crucial undertak­ing to ensure the country have an updated population count, therefore, col­laborative effort and support from everyone is important to guarantee a successful census.

Census is the official count of how many people and dwellings there are in the country (SI). It gives a unique snapshot of our communities. Information from the census helps determine how government funding is spent in the community. It is also used by the government/policy-makers to plan for the future.

There have been five (5) censuses conducted in the Solomon Islands over the years including in 1970, 1976, 1986, 1999 and 2009.

The 2019 Census is the sixth one in the series but will be the fourth census after the country gained independence in 1978.

Solomon Islands conduct census after every 10 years. The latest census was held in 2009.

Census actual field enumeration will commence early in November prior to the Census night which is on 24th November and again two weeks after the Census night to verify the data/information collected.

The ‘Census Night’ is a statistical reference point or period. Statistically, by mid-Night of the 24th November 2019, we will have counted all people in our nation – with data collected referenced to the mid-night of 24 November 2019. The de-factor enumeration will apply a two-way visit enumeration process.

This year’s Census will be conducted under the slogan, “Kaont blo mi, fiusa blo mi” or in English translation “My count, my future”.