Israel to Roll Out Projects

Israel and Solomon Islands initiative will be a first major commercial joint venture to roll out in the country. Photo source…The Jewish Chronicle

ISRAEL government and investors are aiming to embark on a series of major commercial development projects in the country.

Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare has welcome initiatives for an Israeli direct foreign investment into the country.

This was expressed by Hon. Sogavare himself during a recent courtesy visit made by Israeli investor in the area of Sustainable Energy and Water Processing Plant, David Kalush, President of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Mission Dr. Silent Tovosia and Chairman of Mainland Holdings Limited, William Lamur.

Following months of meetings between Mr. Kalush and the President of the SDA Mission, the parties have reached arrangements to roll out projects on a 30.2 Hectares of land owned by the SDA mission at Betikama.

Mr. Kalush will invest in an 8-megawatt solar farm and a state of the art Water Processing Plant.

According to the Government’s Policy Secretary of the Production Sector Celsus Talifilu stated that to allow the projects to maximize the production of Power and Water, a Poultry Processing Factory will also be developed on the land in partnership with Mainland Holdings Limited, Papua new Guinea’s leading company in agribusiness.

Apart from the benefits of the water processing factory and its use of sustainable energy through its proposed solar farm, this Foreign Direct Investment will also be a boost for the economy through employment at the Chicken Processing factory and distribution of the manufactured products.

The Poultry Processing factory will involve egg and meat products and an out growing’s scheme helping farmers to grow birds and eggs that will be supplied to the processing factory

The Prime Minister further reiterated that the Government will continue to support the discussions and provide assistance to ensure the investment takes off the ground.

This Israel, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea initiative will be a first major commercial joint venture to roll out in the country.