Investigation on Auki Motel Death Nears Conclusion

Investigation on Auki Motel Death Nears Conclusion.
POLICE investigations on the allege murder of a young girl at the Auki Travellers Motel will soon conclude.
A recent medical report suggested no foul play was evident to the cause the death of the alleged murdered victim but Police are still continuing on with their investigations.
Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said Police have already received the medical report of a forensic pathologist, however they will still identify the cause of her death, however at this stage, there are no suspects been identified due to lack of evidence provided so far.
“No arrests have been made but I understand that the report police received from the medical examiners (forensic pathologists) at this stage could not identified any suspect in relation to the death but the cause of death (based on medical reports )will be reviewed by our officers and the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) office,” he said.
The incident occurred at the Auki Travellers Motel on December, last year (2017).
“We are just looking at whether any evidence of any other foul play to enable us to come to any conclusion on the case. But at this point I don’t have any evidence that suggest of any suspects or any foul play but we are waiting to see the clarifications based on the DPP and legal advice.
“At this stage no arrest have been made but if anyone still has more information to provide to the police we welcome that but we are nearing to the end of that investigation,” he added.