Hefty Fine and Jail Time for Breaching Curfew

The mock curfew will be applied, starting on Friday 10th April (tomorrow) until Sunday 12th April.


THERE will be a hefty fine should anyone breached the curfew this coming weekend according to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Acting Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau.

Speaking to the Media, the Acting Police Commissioner said the penalty is $10,000 or five years imprisonment or could be both.

“The penalty for this curfew is $10,000 if you breached it or five years imprisonment, or could be both.

“It is a law and so I have to make sure that police will enforce this regulation,” he said.

The mock curfew will be applied, starting on Friday 10th April (tomorrow) until Sunday 12th April but only during night hours from 8 pm to 5 am and it will only be enforced at night times, starting at 8 pm in the evening and lifted 5 am in the morning until it ends.

This is to enable people in the declared state of emergency area to have a taste of the real curfew and to test logistics and preparedness needed in a real lockdown, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Mangau said there will regulations issued to restrict movements within the designated areas within the declared emergency zone, which is from Poha to Alligator Creek.

“The regulation is on movement restrictions, so stay at home, no unnecessary walk around, no vehicle movements.

“The government has announced that this regulation is to get our people prepared but it is a regulation that is a gazette, and when it is a gazette, it is a law that we must abide by,” Mr. Mangau said.

He said only people doing essential services are allowed to move around.

“There is an exemption for essential services like health as well as support services including St John Ambulance.

“There is also an exemption for people that travel in a matter of urgency, like those that have no access to an ambulance with very urgent medical help can use a private vehicle and will be cleared in checkpoints that will be set up by police.

“If you know that your travel is not essential, stay at home,” Acting Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau warned.