Guadalcanal Provincial Scholarship Graduated 190 Students

GP-Executive, guests and graduating students at Maranatha Hall.

THE Guadalcanal Provincial Government again set another milestone in its education development endeavors. Last week witnessed a congratulatory function hosted by the Guadalcanal Provincial Government education division for their 190 sponsored students who recently graduated in various fields from the Solomon Islands National University (SINU).

Speaking during the ceremony, Deputy and Acting Premier Hon.Peter Aoraunisaka

Quoted a line from Martin Luther King Jr and told the students that the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education.

He said that this is fundamentally the reasoning behind such scholarship program, the current Guadalcanal provincial executive believes in having well trained human resources who can think for themselves critically and analytically with intelligence and character.

Mr Aoraunisaka continued that according to records, last year GP graduated 89 students under their Scholarship program, “this year as a government are proud to graduate a total of 190 students and the numbers are set to increase next year. Currently there are 356 continuing students, however this year alone we have registered a total of 444 new students, meaning GP is now sponsoring a total of 800 students at the moment in various programs and levels at SINU” declare the acting premier to a cheering crowd.

The acting premier then encouraged the students to start planning into looking for jobs and most importantly to be entrepreneurs in creating their own jobs and jobs for other in small scales. “We have abundance of land and natural resources, please make use of your skills and talent and develop our natural endowments,” he reminded them.

GP-Minister for Education receiving gift from a GP-Sponsored Student.

Also speaking during the function, GP Public Accounts Committee Chairman Hon. Gladall Bob thanked the leadership of the current GPG and in particular the GP-Education Division for coordinating, managing, executing and fulfilling GP’s education policy and mandate.

As the PAC chairman, “I want to announce here that for 2018/2019 budget, GP has allocated $3million dollars for the education sector, this is a good budget. I look forward in working closely with GPG and GP-Education Authority in my capacity to make sure we fully utilize our budget, ‘The People’s Budget’. Hon Gladall expressed.

He then reminded the students that they are pride of Guadalcanal Province, hence they must shine in whatever they do from here on-wards.

Chief Education Officer for Guadalcanal Province Mr. Maesac Suia in his closing remarks explained a critical point of consideration to the students regarding the scholarship program, that the program is a government of the day’s program meaning the continuity of the program is subjective and depends entirely on any ruling government.

“For now lets be thankful to the government of Anthony Veke and his executive for their wisdom and strength to pursue this program despite the many challenges the province faces”. Mr Suia Said.