Guadalcanal Council of Women to Host TOT Workshop Today

Participants attending the recent TOT workshop in Lata, Santa Cruz, Temotu province.

GUADALCANAL Provincial Council of Women (GPCW) will host the upcoming series of the Training of Trainers workshop today.

The workshop will be held at the Guadalcanal Provincial Council of Women (GPCW) headquarter at Henderson, East Honiara from 20-23 March 2018.

NCW Acting General Secretary Mr Casper Fa’asala said the training program is set up for all the provinces in the country and so far Malaita, Isabel and Temotu have already completed.

“The next series of similar Training Programs will be held in Guadalcanal, Honiara and Central Provinces. Our aim is to identify and train women election managers or campaigners in their preparations in the forthcoming Provincial and National General Elections,” he added.

Mr Fa’asala said the current series of Training of Trainers will help campaign managers to understand the basic concepts of democratization, Accountability, Electoral Processes and Elections, Patriotism and Nationalism, Citizenship and Rights of Citizens including Governance and Leadership.

“It will mainly focus also on strengthening the skills and knowledge of Campaign Managers to developing Strategies to Winning an Election,” he added.

Meanwhile Temotu Council of Women Vice-President, Edith Dagi during their recent similar training held in Lata said such training is a preparatory work offered more to supporting Women in Politics.

“Nevertheless, Women’s issues are not isolated from both provincial and national issues, and in fact they affect families, communities, Wards, constituencies, provinces and the nation as a whole. Therefore, I call on all leaders to be fair in your decisions when making decisions that will affect the lives of us all,” she added.

Mrs Dagi said Women’s representation in the Temotu Provincial Assembly is still in-balance and this includes including women in some of the decision-making Committees under the Provincial Government.

“I also understand that the Provincial Government Act is currently under review and so hope that a provision for Women’s representation is considered under the Temporary Special Measures is included in the revised Provincial Government Act, that will provide an equal opportunity for both men and women on a level playing field to effect decisions that will affect the lives of our people and the country,” she added.