Govt Remains Committed in Passing ACB this Year

culture of corruption is well entrenched in both the public sector and non-government sector

THE Government remains focused and committed to passing the Anti-Corruption Bill this year.

According to the Government’s timeframe, the expectation is to have the ACB passed by July this year.

The ACB is currently before the Bills and Legislation Committee since October last year after it was reintroduced to Parliament.

However, due to the requirement of getting the BLC to scrutinize the Bill, and the priority to pass the 2018 Budget; the Bill has missed the current sitting timeframe.

As such, the Government encourages and hopes the Bills and Legislation Committee can work together with the Government to have the ACB ready for July’s sitting.

Meanwhile, the Government reiterated that as much as the Government would like to proceed with the proposed Bills before Parliament; it hopes BLC can produce the reports in time for debate by Parliament.

“The Government considers the ACB and other legislations as important for the Government and people of this country. Therefore, it encourages the BLC to work together with the Government to pass some of these important legislations this year,” it said.