Governor General Reminds MPs of National Motto – ‘To Lead is to Serve’

Governor General His Excellency Sir David Vunagi.


THE Governor-General His Excellency Sir David Vunagi, GCMG KStJ, has once again reminded the Solomon Islands Members of Parliament of the fundamental slogan stipulated on the Country’s National Motto – To Lead is to serve.’

Sir Vunagi made the reminder during his speech delivered from the throne of the National Parliament at the recent 3rd meeting of the 11th Parliament which commence on Monday, 16th March.

He once again highlighted the individual and collective duty of nation-building to the local parliamentarians.

“First and foremost, we are all Solomon Islanders and it is our individual and collective duty to lead our people and country by serving them. That said, we must also be conscious of the doctrine of separation of powers between the Judiciary, Executive and Legislature.

“Whilst, in theory, there is a separation of powers, in practice in a system like ours, there will always be a tension between separation and concentration of power in Parliament between the Executive and the Legislature. As such, we must constantly remind ourselves of the principle of mutual respect between the Judiciary, Executive and Legislature.

Sir Vunagi expressed saying that we are so fortunate to be blessed with a wealth of diverse cultures, rich natural resources, and a youthful population. He added that these are assets to the country.

“We must be vigilant as custodians of our natural resources and be good role models to our youth. It is critical that we mold and shape our people and especially the youths with the right values, virtues attitudes which will provide a firm foundation for a peaceful and progressive society. They are our future and they need our guidance. Let us lead by example.
Governor-General His Excellency Sir David Vunagi in the meantime said that Government will actively engage and unite citizens in economic activities and nation-building.

“We must no longer be mere bystanders in the economic activities that propel this nation forward. It is time that we develop an inclusive, dynamic and participatory economic model.”