Government to Limit Round Log Exports

the government is moving to reduce the round log export in the next 4 years to a sustainable rate. Photo... Out sourced.

THE Prime Minister, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare said the government is moving to reduce the round log export in the next 4 years to a sustainable rate.

“The issue of descending log prices is paramount to discuss with round log buyers and industries/factories and negotiating direct sales to factories is important if we want to maximize revenue from round log export.

“Hence, the Ministry of Forestry needs to understand the demand on the ground,” the Prime Minister added.

The Prime Minister made the statement prior to the recent trip by Government officials to China is to do a timber trade survey.

“The timber trade survey is important to the Ministry of Forestry as the Government is in a position to implement the 50cm diameter limit for all round logs exports.

Hon. Sogavare further reiterated that the investigation on other processed timber producers market will also be raised with log buyers and factory buyers and adds that the visitation to industries and furniture factories are important to discuss and understand on the ground, especially the timber quality and properties of added value timber products.

Having both parties on the ground understanding the trade in China can assist both parties to make better decisions that benefits all stakeholders of logging business.

“This is a Win-Win situation for all including the resource owners,” he stated.

The Ministry of Forestry has participated on this trip in 2018 and have increased their participation this year by including the Minister and the Commissioner.

While in China, other trade opportunities will be looked into including non-timber forest products.

The Solomon Islands Government through the Ministry of Forestry and the Sustainable Forest Association jointly funds the trip.

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