Government Clarifies ‘Census Night’

Census Commissioner and Government Statistician, Douglas Kimi.

THE Government through its National Census Office has come out to clarify the meaning of the term ‘Census night’ after members of the public has raised their concerns over the definition of the term on the social media.

Confusion arose as to the exact time of the census this year, where some people have argued and questioned what is a ‘Census Night’ which falls on the mid-night of 24th November 2019.

Clarifying the misunderstanding, Census Commissioner and Government Statistician Douglas Kimi said the ‘Census night’ will serve as a reference point for the actual enumeration period which will be conducted throughout the country from 4th November to 8th December 2019.

“The ‘Census Night’ is a statistical reference point or period for a census. Statistically, by mid-Night of the 24th November 2019, we will have counted all people in our nation, with data collected referenced to the mid-night of 24th November 2019,” he said.

Mr. Kimi said the Census night is important for the National Statistics Office in their data collection but the most important thing for the public to know is that the Census will be carried out during the enumeration period starting from 4th November to 8th December this year.

Mr. Kimi said each household throughout the country is expected to be visited two times during the enumeration period by census officials (enumerators/field officers).

He said the two-way visit enumeration process will ensure that the Government will able to verify their data on each household correctly to come up with reliable data about its population and its households.

Mr. Kimi said census officials deployed by the Census office will also be available to answer questions from the public while they are out carrying out the census enumeration process.

“Census officials will be carrying out the enumeration, consisting of the counting and listing of people or assisting respondents in answering the questions and in completing the questionnaire,” he said.

For more information regarding the upcoming census and its process, members of the public are urged to contact the Census Office of the National Statistics Office on the census processes.

Census is the official count of how many people and dwellings there are in the country (SI). It gives a unique snapshot of our communities. Information from the census helps determine how government funding is spent in the community. It is also used by the government/policy-makers to plan for the future.

Solomon Islands have its first census count in 1970, the second was in 1976, and again in 1986, 1999 and the latest and the fifth one in the series was in 2009.

This is the sixth census survey the country to have since the first one was conducted in 1970 under the then British authority.

Solomon Islands conducted census after every 10 years. The latest census was held in 2009.