Government Aims Improved Population Census


GOVERNMENT through the census office within the Solomon Islands National Statistics Office are determined to make sure every citizen are counted in the coming 2019 national census.

Census Commissioner, Douglas Kimi said with the census is planned for November, the Government through its Statistical Agency (SINSO) and the census office are working firmly and vigorously to ensure everyone are enumerated/counted.

Mr. Kimi said over 2700 field workers/enumerators will be deployed across the country to conduct the census survey to guarantee no undercounting transpired.

“Our enumerators will be set out to their designated Enumeration Areas (EAs) through the country, so, your support in providing them with the right and accurate information/data is utmost.”

Mr. Kimi said this will be the largest operation, therefore, a collective support from people to the project (census) is significant.

“There was a case in the 2009 census where some people are not counted (undercount), and that is the issue we are dogged to avoid this time round.”

However, Mr. Kimi said to mitigate undercount challenges, the census office will provide a free-toll number so that any person or family that is missed or not visited/counted by enumerators during the enumeration period to call and be counted by completing the census questionnaire over the phone or to be visited by the nearest enumerator.

“The census office field workers will be out there to collect data thus no village or household and individual will be left uncounted,” the census commissioner affirmed.

Mr. Kimi added that census is a crucial undertaking since the information/data collected will aid the government/policymakers to plan for the future.

“Data’s/informations that the census final analysis report will be providing is an essential element and will be used as a measuring tool for the government in its development work program to verify where particularly in the country needs urgent support in terms of health, education, security and other socio-economic concerns.

“Everyone’s participation in the coming 2019 census is paramount,” Mr. Kimi emphasised.

The 2019 census project official launching is planned for early July to coincide with the announcement of the actual date for the actual census enumeration by the Prime Minister or his official representative.

There have been five (5) censuses conducted in the Solomon Islands over the years including in 1970, 1976, 1986, 1999 and 2009.

The 2019 national census will be the sixth one for the country to conduct.