First Solomon Islands Female Judge Congratulated

Solomon Islands High Court in Honiara. Photo Source: Wikipedia

LEADER of the Official Opposition Office, Hon. Matthew Wale has joined government stakeholders and the rest of the public to congratulate Ms. Maelyn Bird on her appointment as the first Solomon Islands female judge.

“On behalf of the Members of the Opposition Group, I would also like to join others in officially congratulating Ms. Bird for accepting the appointment.

Wale says, “the appointment is a historical milestone for it is the first time that a local female has been elevated to the position of a judge on the High Court bench of Solomon Islands and this is something that the Opposition Office is also proud of.

The Opposition Leader points out that, “ Solomon Islands as a developing country, which requires professionals to be involved in the key sectors, this appointment is timely as it will certainly assist in addressing problems associated with the shortage of high court judges. “

He said the Appointment of Ms. Bird has paved way for other female lawyers in the legal profession to break the perception that discharging justice is a job for men only.

“While the appointment of her ladyship Ms. Bird is the first, it should also serve as an example for young female lawyers keen on taking higher challenges in the legal profession,” Wale said.

As far as the Opposition Office is concerned, “we support any initiatives and programs that focus on the training and promotion of local Solomon Islanders to participate in the development of the country and the elevation of Ms. Bird to the High Court Bench is such a step that is supported by our office, and we commend the Judicial and Legal Services Commission for their foresight in making the appointment”.

“I would also like to thank the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs for recognizing the important role that women can play in our justice system. I am confident that Ms. Bird’s appointment is part of greater plans to involve more women in all areas of our justice system.

“On a personal note,” Wale said. “I also congratulate Ms. Bird for accepting the challenge.

“I am sure it took a while for her to make the decision but with her long wealth of experience in both civil and criminal laws, I have no doubt that she will greatly enhance the role of the National Judiciary of our country,” Wale added.