Federal Constitution Final Draft Completed

Photo credit: Christopher John SSF/flickr

THE Constitutional Congress, (CC) and Eminent Persons Advisory Council (EPAC) within the Constitutional Reform Unit (CRU) have finally completed the “Final (Clean) Draft” of the Federal constitution for Solomon Islands and is ready to be handed over to the Honourable Prime Minister.

The Constitutional Congress and Eminent Persons Advisory Council is mandated to promulgate a federal constitution for Solomon Islands with technical assistance from Constitutional Reform Unit.

The two bodies have finally and successfully completed the document and was printed out as required of them.

The “Final (Clean) Draft” is ready to be handed over to the Honourable Prime Minister who is the minister responsible for Constitutional Affairs.

The handing over program is planned for this year and will involve a number of stake-holders.

Representatives will be chosen from the stakeholders who have been consulted throughout the Consultation and Awareness process.

During the planned handing over ceremony, the public can have access to the document.

CRU will also make copies available for the stakeholders and the public on that day.

For now, CRU is not allowed to dis-tribute the document unless handed over to the Prime Minister.

When the document is handed to the Prime Minister and government, the process will continue on, which include facilitating it through Caucus for noting and endorsement by Cabinet before tabling in parliament.

During this period, a number of important tasks will still need to be pursued by Constitutional Reform Unit on behalf of the government especially to further facilitate the implementation of the document.

This government initiative to reform the nation’s constitution is in light of a post-conflict situation that called for a change in the political governing system of Solomon Islands since year 2000.