Family And Friends Farewell Police Constable

RSIPF officers pays their respect to late brother in arms.

OFFICERS of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Honiara farewelled late Police Constable (PC) Steve Junior Buin who passed away at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara on Sunday 24 November 2019.

A farewell funeral service was yesterday (26 November 2019) at the Holy Cross Cathedral of the Catholic Church in Honiara for late PC Junior Buin.

Speaking at the Funeral Service, Commissioner Matthew Varley said, “I am humble to stand here on behalf of the Ranks and Files of the RSIPF throughout Solomon Islands. The news of the death of a serving member of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and a work colleague is certainly a difficult thing to hear.”

“I am lost for words to describe the sadness that all of us have experienced at the news about the passing away of one of our own. His passing away is not only a loss to the immediate family, other relatives and friends of late Constable Jnr Buin but a great loss to the Royal Solomon islands Police Force,” added Commissioner Varley.

Constable Jnr Buin was enlisted into the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force on 30 April 2002.He was posted to Honiara Central Police Station as a general duty officer in late 2002. This was after six months of intensive training at the Police Academy. He worked as a Detective for most of his police career since 2004. He served in the Criminal Investigating Department (CID) of Honiara Central Police Station, Kukum Traffic Investigating Branch, and National Criminal Investigating Department at Rove and at Naha Police Station CID until his passing away on 24 November this year.

“Late Constable Junior Buin had served the RSIPF, the Government and people of Solomon Islands for 17 years. During his career with the RSIPF he made significant contribution to front line duties by demonstrating integrity and professionalism in the maintenance of law and order, to ensure a peaceful Solomon Islands.”

Constable Junior Buin received a Commissioner’s Commendation for the work he did during the visits of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Solomon Islands in 2012. He also received a Letter of Appreciation from Provincial Police Commander (PPC) of Honiara City in 2014 as a case officer for successful investigation into one of the major investigation in 2013. Also the same year-2014, he received a Letter of Appreciation from the Provincial Criminal Investigating Officer (PCIO) of Honiara for his leadership to oversee an armed robbery investigation on 16 April 2014 in Honiara.

“Let me assure the relatives and friends of late Constable Jnr Buin that the RSIPF salute him and will cherish the legacy he has left behind, his positive contributions to the RSIPF to provide leadership in the field of policing in the country. He is honoured by all ranks and files of the RSIPF for unselfishly giving his service to the people of Solomon Islands by enlisting into the RSIPF as a police officer,” said Commissioner Varley.

Commissioner Varley sends his condolence message to the parents of late Constable Steve Junior Buin, relatives at Kesao Village in North West Guadalcanal, at Lambi in West Guadalcanal and at Gaomai in the Shortland Islands, Western Province, and elsewhere in the country and abroad.

Late Constable Jnr Buin is survived by his lovely wife Agnes Buin, a 13-year-old daughter, two sons being of 12 and 13 years old.