Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams Says Da’Ville

Left to Right - DJ Victor Lopez, Da'Ville's - Back Up Female Vocalist, Da’Ville (A.K.A - Orville Thomas), Da'ville’s Manager, Garnett Newman, and Top Entertainment, General Manager, Shelton Pio at the press conference.


LOCAL musicians and aspiring artists are being challenged by the visiting Jamaican Artist Da’Ville to never give up but to continue doing what they love in music.

Da’Ville made the advice when asked by local journalists on how local musicians have struggled to maintain their passion in the Solomon Islands music scene and industry.

“You have to make use of whatever opportunity that is set before you, the platforms that are presented before you to try and get yourself the recognition that you try to achieve,” the visiting Jamaican singer expressed.

He continued: “In Jamaica, I was just another Jamaican and I also at the point where I tend to take a break, maybe for good but I decided not to give up.

“My music was in Japan making noises and I had no idea about it, I was a household name in Japan and I had no idea either, you feel me?” Da’Ville said.

Local aspiring musicians in the Solomon Islands are known to have reached a certain level in their musical endeavor, but unsuccessfully their dreams turned unsuccessful after a certain period of activeness.

This is a plague that has taken its toll in the country’s music industry and has now become a norm, where only fortunate artists will make it further up the ladder and others will turn to other interests rather than music.

Da’Ville strongly urged local artists not to be discouraged when things turn out differently beyond expectations.

He said there are many platforms to help local aspiring artists to reach their music potential or dreams.

“Now is the era of the internet and one should not be carried away, but to search online as there are many platforms to help make one reach their dreams.

He said artists should not give up on their dreams, but to push themselves up or to try their best to perform on stage alongside any visiting artists from outside to gain exposure as he said that is one way of marketing oneself to the outside world.

Da’Ville said Solomon Island’s very own DMP or Doorman’s Project (Island Reggae boy band) as a fine example that young generation of Solomon Islands artists should follow.

“For example DMP. I’ve never heard about them, but when I came to see their skills and talents, I tell you man; they are huge or they were a big name.

“They may not big here in the Solomon Islands but rather outside of the country, you feel me?” said Da’Ville.

Da’Ville’s Manager, Garnett Newman said people who think that music is about money and making a living are bound to fail.

“Music is love, if you don’t love it, don’t do it because it will break your heart,” Newman said.