Do it the Solomon Way

Crowd Watched in Awe as Prince Charles Stole the Show by Speaking Fluent Pidgin

Prince Charles impressed with his speech in the local English creole language, Pijin.


THE country on Monday filled with mixed emotions as His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales surprised onlookers and listeners with nothing but a taste of the Solomon as he gave his speech in fluent pidgin.

Hundreds turned up at the Lawson Tama Soccer pitch including school students to witness the launching of the two landmark policies of the Solomon Islands government, the National Ocean Policy, and National Malaria Elimination Roadmap Policy. Whilst others listened live on the radio throughout the country while others watched from their houses through Telekom Television (TTV) only to receive their surprise.

The students braved the heat of the sun as they listened and watched in astonishment while the crowd could not be stopped from clapping and shouting as they waved the British and Solomon Islands flag. Even the Prime Minister could not get his eyes an inch from the podium where the prince did his remarks, a jaw-dropping moment indeed for him.

Local crowd overwhelmed by the speech given by Prince Charles in Pidgin.

A member of the public Sam Eddie who was also among the cheering crowd when interviewed said he was shocked to hear from a member of the royal family to speak Pidgin English.

Though it was scripted, Mr. Sam said he just read it through without any complications in pronouncing the words and with that, Sam Eddie said the Prince Just stole the whole show.

Ian Mare, all the way from Malaita province said he was surprised and could not even say a word but to listen to every word the prince had to say.

Mr. Mare was one of the keen listeners on SIBC and because of the visit, he said he couldn’t get a chance away from his radio to get every bit of information and updates as possible about the royal visit.

“I could not believe my ears.

“At first I thought he was going to speak in English! You know it’s the language that he speaks every day.

“This is what I will never forget about Prince Charles though I am not there (HONIARA) to witness the occasion and see him in person,” Mr. Mare said in a phone interview.

This remarkable moment has given more hyped and energy to the students to lift their hands higher into the air as they waved the two flags.