Divit Rural Training Centre Wins Australian High Commissioner’s Award

Australian High Commissioner Roderick Brazier and representative of the annual 2018 International Women’s Day award.

AUSTRALIAN High Commissioner Roderick Brazier has announced that his annual International Women’s Day award for 2018 will be awarded to Divit Rural Training Centre (RTC).

This is an annual award to recognise the efforts of an organisation in Solomon Islands that has made a substantial contribution to promoting women’s rights.

“This year, I am delighted that the award will be to Divit Rural Training Centre (RTC) for their significant work in providing vocational education and training to young women and girls in Solomon Islands’ said the High Commissioner.

“Vocational training can be difficult for young women to access, particularly where it is not considered a traditional area of study for young women. Through Divit’s focus on young women, they are helping to ensure that women are able to access this important training and the opportunities that it can open up to them in the future.’

The Australia Government is supporting Divit RTC through the Skills for Economic Growth program and the Direct Aid Program.

“International Women’s Day is a time for us to join together to mark women’s achievements, to support women who are leading change, and to consider what more we can do to press for progress. Divit RTC, and its staff and students, should be proud of the contribution to improving the lives of women and girls”.