Development Plan 2019-2023 for Aims to Transform South Guadalcanal Constituency

Member of Parliament for South Guadalcanal and the Minister for Provincial Government Honourable Rollen Seleso.


MEMBER of Parliament for South Guadalcanal and the Minister for Provincial Government Honourable Rollen Seleso said the development Plan is written and presented in a formal way that will help to create a social and economic inclusive South Guadalcanal, and for the convenience of everyone on Weather Coast.

“The aim of creating a Development Plan 2019-2023 for South Guadalcanal Constituency has at its roots – the empowerment of its people.

“The object of this document contains the need of our people, according to the priority sectors; of Agriculture and Livestock, Fisheries, Tourism, Commerce, Infrastructures, Health and Sanitation, Education, Peace and Security, Climate Change, Environment, and Disaster Management and Gender issues will also be addressed in the various sectors covered.,” said Honourable Seleso, during the milestone launching of the South Guadalcanal Constituency Development Plan.

He said that it is a document that will inspire and empower the rural society of South Guadalcanal to become more efficient and results-oriented, building connected communities with new development opportunities in the future.

He further added that the development plan would help the rural population of the Constituency to understand how they can localize and put into action the plans into tangible development that can affect their lives positively.

“Our vision is outlined in the introductory note handed to you. The vision is to “sustain a healthy and wealthy people with higher intellectual minds living happily in a peaceful, respected, coordinated, well-structured community in a conserved beautiful environment guided by their beliefs and traditional cultures.

“This vision entails a more organized, structured, and connected South Guadalcanal Constituency participating and contributing to the positive development of the region and the nation. It entails that our people have access to financial resources, good basic infrastructures, health, and education. Access to good and abundant food and that there are adequate balance nutrition being available all year round at the same time we want to see that they are growing their own investment right in the rural areas.

“We would like to design an economy that our people do not go after “money” but create it (right where they are) by utilizing their resources at a sustainable level but at the same time maintaining their beautiful environment. Our idea is to employ the green economy tactic by utilizing an agro-economy basis to create self-sufficiency and self-reliance where people will have to do away with the habit of relying on their honorable members and working relative for their livelihood. The strategy is also to reduce reliance on imported goods that contributes to the dietary deficiency widespread in the Solomon Islands,” the Member of Parliament for South Guadalcanal said.

He continued that the plan is not a standalone document, however, it is written to collaborate and partner with the national government, diplomatic missions, government institutions, Non-government organization. We also aim at achieving the Millennium development goals of the United Nations, the National Development Strategies, government policies, and other stakeholder’s development goals.

“Our goal is to reduce the poverty issues highlighted in the Poverty Report 2017, which states Guadalcanal is the second-highest poorest province of the Solomon Island. Our concern is also a national concern. Our achievement is also the achievement of the national government, the provincial government, international agencies, and non-government organizations.

“With that, I wish to commit this plan to our God who has the final words of all that we plan, for his word says in Psalm 16:1 ‘We may make our plans but God has the final word’.”