Deaf Association Undergoes Sign Language Project



Solomon Island Deaf Association is currently undergoing a project called the ‘Startim Fire Program’ for young people with deaf disability.

Speaking to the Sunday Isles paper, Mrs Lovelyn Kwaoga, who is the organisation’s Public Relation Interpreter said that the project is about turning sound language into booklets and CD.

The reason is because deaf people are finding it hard to communicate wherever they go.

“Coming up with this project, the deaf association sees this project very important to them.

“Sign language is important so we decided to put it in booklets for people to read and into CD for people to watch and hear for a clear understanding,” she said.

The project, which has already been started earlier this month, is funded by OX FAM and is expected to be completed in March this year. An official launch will follow suit.

“We are happy because people are starting to recognise this association and the importance of sign language,” Kwaoga said.

She said that this group of people is creating ways to contribute to our societies in promoting issues that we face today which one of them is the current project.

In this project, one of the ways that they have come up also with is deaf people explaining the corruption of other deaf people and is translated by voice.

To continue the work of helping the deaf association in our country, Kwaoga said that there are more projects coming up this year.

“As a person working with the deaf association, I am very proud to say that I have seen a big improvement in people recognising us and wanting to help this group of people with their special needs.”

Kwaoga wants our leaders of this nation to start supporting our people with disability especially the deaf people because they can see what is happening in our communities but hearing them is apparently their main problem.

“They are just like us and we must know that in their own silent world they contribute a lot to this country.”