DCGA Recognizes NDS as Blueprint for SI Development


THE Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) recognizes the National Development Strategy (NDS) as the blueprint for the development of the Solomon Islands.

This is according to Celsus Talifilu, Policy Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit (PIMEU) Coordinator.

He was making his presentation at the country’s First Joint Solomon Islands-Development Partners Dialogue for 2019 held today.

According to Mr. Talifilu, the objectives of the DCGA Government include to;

  • Advance National Consciousness and promote ownership
  • Continue strengthening and advance good governance
  • More meaningful Collaboration domestically with Churches, Provinces and other non- state actors
  • Strategic realignment and collaboration with Development Partners
  • Identify and resolve problems of informal settlements around urban centers
  • Recognize, strengthen and respect roles of traditional leaders

He also stated that the Government’s long-term strategy looks at supporting the 20 years NDS, facilitating fundamental and sectoral reform programs and facilitating good governance and encourages a broad-based economic development for the Solomon Islands.

Talifilu further reiterated that the DCGA is serious about investing smartly and focus on key sectors such the tourism, fishing, forestry, and agriculture industry as well as investing in youth innovation and technology.

He further stated that the Government also focuses on pursuing innovative financing with international partners to support investments in Blue Economy and Green Economy.

Recently a Core Ministerial Coordination Committee (CMCC) was established to support the PIMEU in monitoring and driving the policies of the DCGA.

He stated that the DCGA policy is premised on moving away from the business, as usual, to actually getting things done.